Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buddhist Tour- A Mesmerising Spiritual Journey

The Indian Buddhist connection is really unique and if you want to experience the magic of Buddhism, then a Buddhist tour excursion is a must. Such divine tours can be a source of great enlightenment, for people all over the world. Indian Buddhist tours can help unveil numerous attractive locations and places of Buddhist pilgrimages.
As a curious tourist, you can choose to visit the many Buddhist monasteries and temples that depict artistic grandeur of olden times along with serene statues of Spiritual Lord Buddha. Visiting such holy places can provide good relaxation and peace of mind to thousands of foreign tourists coming to India.
The viharas or the Buddhist Monasteries are nestled among natural picturesque locations like serene mountain ranges or green forest areas, making them all the more appealing to human eyes. For example, the famous Bomdila Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh is located amidst the tranquil and majestic Himalayan ranges in the Kameng district of the State. Likewise, Indian shores houses many such Buddhist sites and ancient monuments, ideal for Buddhist followers and tourists all over the globe.

In fact, many tourist agencies in India provide exceptional tour packages and even Buddhist circuit special train tour for tourists so that they can discover the Buddhist religion and its mysticism for themselves. A Buddhist Tour is incomplete without interaction with devout Buddhist monks or visiting the huge libraries; housed inside the monasteries with literary materials. You can also get helpful insights from the online sources on Buddhist Tour India and delightful Buddhist train tours. Such package tours can be really exciting during Buddhist festivals and a great way to absorb the Buddhist culture and traditions. Tourists also love to shop for Buddhist monuments and items to take home as wonderful memories of their Buddhist tour.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Popular Festivals and Days to Plan Buddhist Tour in India

One amazing thing about India is that festivals belonging to different religions are celebrated with equal zeal and zest. Talking of the important Buddhist days and festivals, there are many such occasions when the devotees from India and abroad make their way to different Buddhist sites located in the country.
No matter whether you belong to Buddhism or not, you can be a part of these festivals by planning a tour to one of the Buddhist monasteries, temples or other significant sites. Considering the huge number of Buddhist followers around the world, you can expect a huge crowd of visitors to these places on important occasions.

Buddha Jayanti, also known as Buddha Purnima, marks the birth of Lord Buddha and is the most significant day for his followers. Interestingly, Buddha attained enlightenment and nirvana on the same day in different years. Planning a Buddhist Tour India to pilgrimage sites like Sarnath, Lumbini or Bodh Gaya provides opportunity to pray to the Lord.

India Buddhist tours are also popular on Losar, the New Year day for Tibetans. Visiting any of the popular Buddhist monasteries in India is recommended to be a part of the colorful celebrations. Ullambana is another festival celebrated at Buddhist sites in India and other countries like Malaysia and Japan. A Buddhist tour in India on this day helps one explore the festive spirit of Buddhist followers who perform a number of charity activities to attain spiritual benefits.

Asalha Day is celebrated to commemorate the event of first teaching delivered by Lord Buddha to his five disciples. Buddhist tours travel in India can be planned to Sarnath and other holy towns and Buddhist monasteries on this day. Other popular occasions to plan India
Buddhist Tour include Magha Puja and Hemis Fair.

An integral part of these days and festivals is the mystic environment created by music and dance. You can worship Buddha, relax in this spiritual environment and enjoy the rich traditions by Buddhist Tour Packages India on any of these occasions.