Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buddhist Train- An ideal way to explore Buddhist destinations in India

Many of the Buddhist lovers like to come in India to discover the renowned Buddhist sites spread in across the country. For this purpose, tourists should have to go for the option of Buddhist Tour Packages offered by varied tourism companies in India. Some of the highly acclaimed Buddhist tour packages are Buddhist pilgrimage tour, Buddhist tour India, Buddhist temple tour, Buddhist places in India and lots more. These tour packages are the incredible options that enable the tourists to explore the best Buddhist destinations located in India.

Under the Buddhist tour packages, tourists will be able to explore the renowned Buddhist shrines, stupas, vihars and other Buddhist sites with ease. Few of the highly acclaimed Buddhist Destinations in India are Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Kushinagar, Sarnath etc. These are the few popular Buddhist locations which encompasses with the numbers of holy shrines of Lord Buddha and his established stupas and vihars are also located out there.

Buddhist Tour in India matters a lot who like to discover the Buddhist temples in India. The country is rich with varied Buddhist temples like Mahabodhi temple (Bodh Gaya), Maya Devi temple (Lumbini), Digamber Jain temple (Sarnath), Mahaparinirvana temple (Kushinagar) etc. These are the few renowned Buddhist shrines located in diverse Buddhist destinations of the country.

You can also explore few more Buddhist attractions in India such as Ashokan Pillar (Sarnath), Mahabodhi tree (BodhGaya), Ramabhar Stupa (Kushinagar) and many more. All these Buddhist lures are world popular. Tourists like to come in India to explore the popular Buddhist sites with great zeal.

If you are interested, to go for Buddhist tours, you have to opt for the best way to approach at the popular Buddhist destinations. Buddhist train is the best way for the tourists to commute at the renowned Buddhist destinations in India. This luxury train facilitates the travelers for excellent tourism services at the minimal charges. So, book the tickets for this luxury train and be ready for an exciting Buddhist travel of India.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kushinagar Tour- Amazing Journey for Buddhists

Buddhism is an amazing religion on this earth and lots of Buddhist lovers are seeking for the best known Buddhist spots in across the world. In India there are several Buddhist places can be found in varied state or towns like Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Bodhgaya Tour etc. All these tourist places of India are rich with varied Buddhist spots like temples, stupas, vihars, statues of Lord Buddha and many more. These amazing Buddhist spots have their own significance and history of origin. Among all the Buddhist destinations in India, most of the Buddhist devotees love to go for the Kushinagar tour whenever come in India to discover the Buddhism. Kushinagar is situated at the 55kms from the town as Gorakhpur in India. At this place, the Lord Buddha got the Mahaparinivana and also had taken last breath of his life. His body has reduced to ashes out there in Kushinagar itself as well. This destination comprises with varied Buddha stupas and vihars established by Lord Buddha.

You can find lots of amazing Buddhist destinations in across the India. But in Kushinagar, you can find the renowned Buddhist spots like Muktabandhana Stupa, Nirvana temple, Japanese Temple, Wat thai Temple etc. These locations are the best known Buddhist destinations in Kushinagar and also have their ancient history of origin. More attractions of Kushinagar are like stupas, vihars and holy shrines of Lord Buddha. Thus, the Kushinagar tour enables you to explore the best known Buddhist locations with ease.

If you are planning for the Buddhist tour in Kushinagar, you should go for the option of any of Kushinagar Tour packages offered by varied tourism companies in India. Plenty of the best offered Buddhist tour packages are like Buddhist places in India, Buddhist temples tour, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour and many more. All these tour packages are available at affordable charges by the Indian tourism companies. So, grab your best suited tour package and enjoy the journey.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chief Buddhist Tourist Places Preferred by Buddhist Followers

India and Nepal are the most visited religious places by Buddhist followers as these lands have been blessed by the glory and presence of great Lord Buddha. According to historic references, Lord Buddha took birth in Lumbini region of Nepal. This pious city Lumbini is an important spiritual paradise for Buddhist followers. Lumbini is just 122 km from the Indian city of Gorakhpur located in Uttar Pradesh State.

According to ancient details, the Buddha was born in Lumbini Tour to Maya Devi in 623 B.C. Lord Buddha was initially known as Prince Siddhartha, and King Suddhodana was forewarned by Hindu rishis that the young prince will renounce worldly life if he chanced to see diseased persons, old aged individuals and dead human body. The predictions came true and Lumbini changed into a spiritual holy land for Buddhist as well as other tourists. The main Buddhist attractions in Lumbini tour package normally include visits to Maya Devi temple, Ashokan Pillar and the Buddhist Monastery.

Likewise, people aspiring for Buddhist pilgrimage vacation can opt for Kushinagar tour package. Kushinagar Tour is one of the most sort-after Buddhist tourist destinations in India. It is that holy place where Lord Buddha left His mortal frame near by the River Hiranyavati. He was later cremated at the Stupa of Ramabhar. Some of the principal attractions for tourists include Mahaparinirvana temple, Nirvana Stupa, Wat Thai Temple and Japanese Temple.

Buddhist tourists may take the aid of internet portals to search for reliable tour companies and package deals to visit all important Buddhist destinations. Tour agencies give more prominence to deals such as lumbini tour and Kushinagar tour among others. Other significant tourist destinations like
Bodhgaya Tour and Sarnath Tour are also preferred by Buddhist followers. Bodhgaya in Patna is very popular for its Mahabodhi tree, where Lord Buddha attained final enlightenment after meditating under the tree for forty nine days.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Enjoy the Buddhist Tour in India

Buddhism is a great religion, originated in India and spread in across the world by the Lord Buddha. This religion is renowned for the peace, kindness, spirituality, awareness and wisdom. However, the lots of travelers love to explore the popular Buddhist destinations in across the world. In India, this Buddhism came in the existence in the supervision of Lord Buddha. Later on Lord Buddha spread the Buddhism in across the world. He has also established varied Buddhist temples in across the India as well. Plenty of the well known Buddhist shrines are located in the cities like Sarnath, Kushinagar, Bodhgaya, Lumbini etc. In these cities, you can easily find holy temple of this religion with ease. However, billions of Buddha devotees love to go for the Buddha Tour India with great zeal.

You can also find the popular Buddha temples in varied countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet etc. If you are seeking for the spots of Buddhism in India, you should go for the option of Buddhist tour & travel in India. This journey will enable the tourists to know about the renowned Buddhist destinations in India.

There are approximate 25 Buddhist destinations can be found in across the country. All these destinations may comprise several holy shrines, Buddhist schools, Buddhist teaching centers and other Buddhist places. However, the Buddhist tour in India has special significance for the global tourist. Usually, there are several ways to approach at the popular Buddhist destinations in India. For instance, the Buddhist train is the best way for tourists to explore the popular Buddhist locations in India. This luxury train is started for those travelers who have keen interest in Buddhism and also want to explore the popular Buddhist destination in across the India. So, grab your best suited Buddhist Tour Packages in India and come to know about this holy religion in depth.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tour of Buddhist Pilgrimage Centres and a Glimpse into Buddhist Culture

Buddhism is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most respected religions in the world, and on that note all humans have to be eternally thankful to India for producing the spiritual personality called Lord Buddha. Buddhism culture has spread far and wide over the globe, and nevertheless attracts people to the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Buddhist pilgrimage centres in India.
Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Centres
Some of the popular Buddhist pilgrimage sites are Bodhgaya, Kushinagar and Sarnath. All these destinations are filled with foreign visitors all-round the year. The holy place of Bodhgaya is situated in the State of Bihar; it shelters many Buddhist pilgrim centres such as the Diajokyo temple, Thai temple and the Vietnam Temple.

Similarly, Sarnath pilgrimage abode situated in Varanasi houses many Buddhist attractions such as the Dhamekha Stupa, the Asoka Pillar and the Chaukhandi monument. Sarnath also is home to numerous Buddhist monasteries and temples. The famous Digambar Jain Temple showcases beautiful paintings, sculptures and Statues of Mahavira or Lord Buddha. Sanchi is another holy Buddhist pilgrimage spot in the Madhya Pradesh State of India. Tourists can revel in the spiritual vibrations of Buddhist monasteries, stupas and temples.

Foreign tourists can also scour online reserves or websites for ideal Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India. There are numerous tour agencies with special Buddhist Tour pilgrimage package deals and offers. Most Buddhist pilgrim places can be located in Northern Indian periphery. But, again every single corner of Indian soil can offer religious insights; the Western State of Maharashtra abounds in famous Buddhist caves like Ajanta, Junnar, Kanheri and Karla. These wondrous caves are steeped in historic artistic wonders like paintings and sculptures, dating back to the medieval era. Tourists genuinely wanting to have a glimpse of Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour should be careful in choosing reputable tour agencies that deliver what they promise!

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