Saturday, May 12, 2012

Buddhist Tour, join the cult

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Buddhism, one of the great religions of the world, traces back to the life of Siddhartha who was later known as Lord Buddha. Being a curious wandering prince, known to have renounced his royal pleasures began his quest for the ultimate truth behind the mystery of existence. For all the followers of Lord Buddha, a Buddhist Tour is the ultimate way to explore the holy sites of Buddhism and also to instill in you the very essence of this great religion.

Buddhist Pilgrimage

Going by the words of Lord Buddha who said that his followers could only attain merit and Nobel rebirth by going on a pilgrimage to places which witnessed the life of Lord Buddha, thus for all the followers of this religion Buddhist Pilgrimage is a must. It is a journey that encompasses Lumbini, the place of the birth of Lord Buddha, Bodhgaya, the place where he gained enlightenment, Sarnath, the place where he delivered his first sermon and Kushinagar, the place where he attained Nirvana. For all the followers of Lord Buddha, Buddhist pilgrimage is mandatory and a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour is the best way to journey to the numerous holy places of Lord Buddha.

Buddhist Temple Tour

Buddhist Temple Tour
Buddhist Temple Tour is the best option to avail in if a traveler wants to witness the architectural marvels of Buddhism. The Buddhist temples are well known for their architectural beauty that is truly worth the praise. The temples are masterpieces in themselves, the beauty possessed by them is incomparable; if you are on a Buddhist tour, do not miss to visit the temples of Lord Buddha, your journey to the Buddhist temples will surely be a lot holistic and worthwhile, so go and join the cult.

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