Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buddhist Tour Packages for Buddhist Pilgrims

Numerous tour packages are offered by different providers for Buddhist pilgrims. Pertinent question in this regard is what they offer. 

Numerous pilgrimage packages for Buddhists are offered by providers across India. However, it is required for the prospective tourist to find out take a tour that will carry them through most of the venerable locations and Buddhist cities across the country.

However the best packages are those that combine the pilgrimage factor with other exotic visiting spots in the countries where these pilgrimage packages are undertaken. It would be something like bonus over the object obtained.

Buddhist pilgrimage package related to India has special importance for all the Buddhist people residing in different parts of the globe. Most of them will like to visit the best Buddhist temple that is located in the places they are visiting.

However the packages for pilgrims are not confined to temples alone. Various other Buddhist interests exist that can substantially attract visitors from all over the world. There are famous caves like Ajanta and Elorra in Maharashtra and Khandagiri and Udaygiri in Odisha. Many other such caves are scattered all over the country. Stupas and other Buddhist learning locations like Nalanda also constitute substantial points of interest for tourists and travelers from overseas.

However the Buddhist temple that contains the foot prints of Lord Buddha is one of the most sought after spots in a Buddhist pilgrimages in India and most providers prepare their package offers based on such attitude on part of the user.

India is very wealthy in terms of Buddhist attractions and popular Buddhist cities. Some of the most notable cities around are Sarnath, Kushingar, and Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Lumbini, Varanasi, Nalanda and many others. Many of these places have direct foot prints of Lord Buddha. Tourists and travelers from across the world take the advantage of inclusion of these points of interests in tour packages.

Buddhist pilgrimage packages that are in high demands include the Buddhist Temples Tour. The package comprehensively covers all the Buddhist temples across India including highly rated Buddhist shrines are Mahabodhi temple, Maya Devi temple, Wat Thai temple, Digambar Jai temple, and many others. These temples are very popular as they depict the enigma of the life of Lord Buddha and the journey is perfect for the Buddhist followers all over the world.

Best tour packages would be the one that will offer most of the important visiting places in one package, making the optimum utilization of the money spent and the time invested.

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